On fear and habit
2014-10-06 16:37:37 CT

So I went for a walk today which isn't really surprising. I walk often, it's a nice activity that is easy, healthy and helps you clear your mind. Where I live, I usually walk around a few streets in a circle back to my house. Here is a picture from where I start walking.

Today however, I went somewhere different.


Rather than go to the left by that church and go through with the circle, today I went to the right and this is what I found.


For those who don't know, I have a bad right leg, walking up this slope hurt, but I pushed forward.



About 15 minutes in, I've reached the top of the mountain.



Down we go!



This was only a 20 or so minute walk away from me, this place is beautiful. Way outside the normal slum I walk in. It was hard getting up here, but I did it. I broke my habit and I took a chance and I got something beautiful as a reward. I've been working on taking more chances, and trying new things that can make me happier. This is a good start I think.

Current goings on
2014-09-16 17:05:05 CT

Hello everyone! Just a quick post to keep things up to date. I still have work to do on this site I'm aware, and I'll be getting to it soon!

Wanted to give it some time to just look at it and see what I wanted to change and do, and I have some ideas in mind. With that, I'll start tossing up more programming examples and set up my portfolio!

2014-08-07 05:55:41 CT

It's finally done. After 2 weeks of work and lots of testing / design changes, my personal website is done. Now that I have my home laboratory setup, I'll be sure to fill it up with lots of great ideas. I have a ton of experiments and projects planned and now I have a place to put them all! This is a big deal for me!

I haven't been able to get a good design I liked for something like this in a long time. As I always say, if you see something that needs to be fixed, do let me know!


Portfolio things