Title : Anthrocon 2016 report!

Hello everyone! I'm back and home from Anthrocon 2016, my 6th one! I had a great weekend and I wanted to take a bit of time to share the details of what happened. I don't often do these, but this year I'm feeling extra motivated.

All of the photos I took!

The Good

Obviously Anthrocon! I love going there, I love the city. I love the people, just...aaaaaaa!

The Great

The Bad :(

Aside from sp00ky times on the highway with drunk drivers, nothing really bad happened this year! Short of missing out on meeting some people, I'm pretty sad about that, next year I've decided to write out a checklist of people I want to meet, as well as get into a better habit of posting to twitter where I am and stuff.

Also I missed a friends birthday because I was away, I tried to text her but my phone died! I felt really bad!

The odd?

One of the nights I was there I had laid down on the rooftop watching the night sky. For whatever reason, I had this odd feeling of loneliness that I couldn't shake. I quietly cried to myself for a little bit, thinking about past events and whatnot. I had feel pretty bad that a special person who I used to visit AC with was no longer really in my life and it just sort of hit.

I say it's odd because I'm not really sure if it's a bad thing or not. I cried of course but mostly because of how emotional things can make me, which I consider to be a good quality overall.

So I think that is everything! It's very hard to describe every little thing that happened, but a lot definitely did. I feel very motivated for what is next, and am very excited to head over to next year's AC as well. Thank you all who helped me out so I could go, buying art and all that. And thanks to everyone who I met and socialized with, you really know how to recharge my motivation in the fandom.

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