Wow this video!
2014-07-20 14:29:55 CT
By : Rowedahelicon

This video was done by a film-maker I met, how did I meet him? Because I'm in it! Take a look!

Just a test...
2014-07-19 14:54:10 CT
By : Rowedahelicon

Hello friends and potential work associates. I wanted to just post up a quick journal message here to get my new website up and running fresh. I'm still working on it as of this post, but I had just finished up the news system which was a huge milestone because for whatever reason I hate dealing with news inputs.

I'll be working a little more on some stuff, but I'm glad I got the chance to say hi! Before I go, I hope you don't mind I experiment with some quicky colorful effects to see how well this WYSIWYG editor works!