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Sketches* $20.00
Refsheet $45.00
Badges $30.00
Telegram Stickers $8.00 ea
Colored Sketches* $25.00
Fullbody* $50.00
Halfbody* $35.00
Headshot $25.00
*Background and / or additional characters extra
Colored Sketches
Full Body
Half Body
Telegram Stickers
Commission workload

Additional information
Terms of Service


  • All commissions are accepted only via paypal invoice!
  • You may be quoted higher than normal based on complexity of character or background.


  • Once I receive payment, there will be no refunds offered unless in the scenario in which I am unable to complete your work, or I have gone over my deadline for completed work.
  • You may cancel the commission at any time before payment has been sent.


  • When you sign up for a commission, please take note of your privacy / progress options!
  • First I do an initial sketch of what you request and present it to you for approval!
  • When you approve the sketch, I will then collect payment to finish the coloring.
  • When the coloring is complete, you will be able to request any changes / fixes in a reasonable fashion!
  • Your image will be sent to you in full resolution, if you have allowed me to share it, I will also upload it to my own art accounts!
  • All commissions are tracked my Trello, here on this page, you will be provided with a link you can use to follow along with progress as well!

Waiting period

  • I aim to complete work within 7-14 days from day of payment depending on circumstances and length of queue. For larger work, expect a range of 15-30 days.
  • My deadline for all completed work, unless otherwise discussed, is 60 days from the moment payment has gone through.

What I draw

  • I will most anything, including NSFW and or most kink work.

What I will not draw

  • I will not draw nsfw/kink work featuring scat, cub, feral and most gross topics. Don't hesitate to ask!
  • I refuse to draw art featuring controversial subjects such as religion and politics.
  • I will not draw nsfw/kink work, regardless of it being a private commission and or gift, unless if all parties in the picture give consent.

My rights with your art

  • Unless otherwise noted in your commission application, I may publish your commission to my site and or personal art social media accounts.
  • In addition, I may use your art in advertising material.

Your rights with your art

  • You retain the right to personal usage of your art.
  • You do not retain the right to use your own in commericial material unless discussed prior.

Commercial work

  • Commercial rights to a commission is priced at 300% of original price.
  • Commerical rights grant you the right to sell / merchandise your commission in whatever way you want!


  • Harrassment of me, fellow customers, and stream viewers will not be tolerated under any circumstances. It may lead to termination of future contact.
  • Chargebacks on me after work has been completed will result in termination of future services. I will fight the chargeback to the fullest extent of my ability.

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