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  • I only do business via paypal invoices, unless otherwise done in person when picking up con badges!
  • All sales are final once the initial sketch is approved and payment is sent. Refunds will only be provided if I am unable to finish the work for any reason.


  • When I do the initial rough sketch, provide as much detail as possible!
  • After the sketch is finished, I'll send it to you for approval, if you decide to continue is when I take payment!
  • After payment, I will work on coloring / detail the image.
  • When the image is finished, you'll be provided with a clean watermark free image to upload wherever, I will then upload a watermarked copy on my native art accounts.
  • All commissions are tracked via My Trello but you may also be provided with a link to a tracking page you can check at any time.


  • I strive to complete my work as quickly as possible, but for safety, please expect a wait time of 15-60 days. This is based on queue size and can be shorter depending on assorted factors. If there is a significant delay due to any reason, you will be notified accordingly.
  • You may be quoted higher than normal based on complexity of character or background.
  • I maintain the right to host and published a finished commission freely. This may mean on my website and or other advertising venues. You will be given proper credit on your character / property when needed. I do not own the right to your character, just the final illustration.
  • You do not maintain the right to sell, render, transform or reproduce the final commission without my permission. If you wish to use your illustration for these purposes, discuss it with me and we will hammer out a different contract.
  • I refuse to draw most adult/kink themes such as scat, cub, etc. If you want to inquire about a specific adult topic, feel free to do so and I will see what I can do. Do note that adult themed commissions may have a longer production time.
  • I will handle corrections within limit, once the final sketch has been approved I will be unable to make substantial edits.
  • Harrassment of me, fellow customers, stream goers, etc, will not be tolerated under any circumstances. It may lead to termination of services with a provided refund equating to the work left to do.

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